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Why Should You Invest In Oakville Real Estate?

For one, Oakville real estate continues to increase in value. The cost of living is consistent and the overall attractiveness of the area continues to grow. The demand for new housing in Canada’s most populous city is also consistently rising due to the dense urban population. Over the past few years, the average price of housing has increased by 5% to 12%.

In addition, Oakville’s real estate market is unlike other Canadian cities. The area is located in Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe region that includes Toronto and Hamilton. This means that there are several other major markets available for potential investors to make a move into. In fact, the city is already home to nearly 700,000 people. Oakville is also located close to the QEW and Gardiner Expressway, and is accessible to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport as well.

Another great reason for investing in property in Oakville includes the fact that it is a desirable location for buyers from outside of Canada. Many American and European buyers often invest in Canadian real estate because of their desire to live in a country with more financial opportunity. Oakville’s proximity to Toronto, Canada’s largest city, makes it an appealing option for these foreign investors.

Average Condo Price for Oakville in 2021

In 2021, the average condo price for Oakville is predicted to be $365,000. This figure comes from the Real Estate Institute of Ontario and is based on new development. As the average price continues to rise, it will become a more attractive option for first-time buyers. This is especially true as shopping for Oakville real estate becomes easier. Sydney Real Estate recently launched a website that makes it easier for users to research and search for properties.

Last but not least, Oakville real estate is an attractive option for those looking to invest. In fact, the city’s average income level is slightly lower than that of Toronto’s. What’s more, the population of Oakville is expected to grow by 29% by 2026. This will help increase demand for new housing in the city and make it more affordable for upper-middle class families.

If you’re interested in making an investment in Oakville real estate, contact a local real estate agent to discuss your options.

About Oakville 

Oakville is Canada’s fastest-growing city and offers a lot to its residents. Not only does it provide the city’s residents with a higher standard of living, but it also boasts of numerous amenities that are rarely found in other cities. Oakville enjoys a thriving economy that makes it a preferable place to live, as well as being accessible to Toronto’s Pearson International airport and major expressways.

Oakville is a growing region that has evolved into an attractive community with modern parks, amenities and attractions for all types of shoppers. Oakville residents enjoy the more relaxed pace and are close to a variety of sight-seeing opportunities.

As one of the fastest growing urban centers in Canada, Oakville is at the forefront of the country’s real estate market, offering first time home buyers and seasoned investors limited supply of affordable housing options.

Oakville is known as Canada’s ‘City of Homes and Opportunity.’ It’s the only place to live in Ontario where you can find affordable housing and high-quality jobs. Oakville has over 800,000 people and is growing like a weed. However, the city is not only growing quickly because of its population but also because of its economy and ability to attract businesses. Oakville is a major transit hub for the Toronto region, making it easy to travel and commute to the city from outside areas.

Oakville’s diverse economy is anchored by auto manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and transportation. The city has over 65 companies with more than 1000 employees. Oakville community centers on business innovation, corporate investment in partnerships and joint ventures, fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs), best practices in supply chain management, effective distribution centres as well as performance-driven marketing and sales strategies.

Oakville Accessibility / Getting Around

Oakville offers residents a variety of transportation options to suit their needs. Its transit system is integrated with Toronto’s transit system and Oakville has a rail line that allows residents to travel from the city to Toronto in less than 10-minutes. Oakville is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada and offers a variety of recreational opportunities, community centers, schools and parks. The city has over 300 days of sunshine per year, which makes it an attractive destination for outdoor activities.

Oakville is also an accessible city that offers a variety of transportation options-including buses, train and regional transit-and four bike lanes. Oakville is famous for its friendly people and beautiful scenery. Oakville is Canada’s safest city and has the lowest crime rates in Ontario.

The costs of living in Oakville are much lower than those of neighboring Toronto, which makes it an attractive option for working professionals who want to live a condensed lifestyle as well as families. From an investment perspective, many people who are looking to invest find that Oakville offers a lot of potential as it is one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada with affordable housing options and high-quality jobs; The population will also grow by 29% by 2026 which will increase demand for new housing opportunities. In 2022, Oakville LRT is expected to open which will provide residents with public transportation through the city’s lakeshore. 90% of Oakville homes are within a 10-minute walk from an LRT station.

Oakville also has many renowned tourist attractions that offer tourists convenient access to the city like: Royal Botanical Gardens, Soak City Water Park and the Mississauga Zoo. With these attractions nearby, it makes sense that Oakville is among Canada’s fastest-growing cities because of its hospitable environment and high quality of life standards.


What are the benefits of investing in pre-construction condos?

Oakville is a popular destination for pre-construction condos. As a result of Oakville’s fast growth, there has been an increased demand for residential and commercial space in the city. With this high demand, the current market conditions have made it more difficult to find affordable housing opportunities in Oakville. As a result of these market conditions, many investors are turning to investing in pre-construction condos to be able to save on construction costs and time by developing an apartment complex before they’re even constructed. There are many benefits of investing in this type of condo including offering access to Toronto‚Äôs transit system as well as reduced construction time and cost by not waiting until the condo is finished being built. Pre-constuction condos are also a time saver by allowing apartment owners to move into new housing units before they are completed which gives them the opportunity to start making money from their investment sooner.

Do I need a real estate agent?

No, you do not need a real estate agent in order to invest in Oakville. However, you can choose to have a real estate agent represent you as your Oakville investment adviser. We would be happy to recommend a real estate agent. We will even give you a free consultation with one for you to decide if they would be the best fit for you.

Does Tarion protect my deposit?

Yes, Tarion will protect your deposit up to $100,000.00. In the event that the developer is unable to complete the project, Tarion will compensate you back your deposit up to $100,000.00. You must file a claim to pursue for compensation. 

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