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Woodbridge is a suburban neighbourhood situated on the east end of Vaughan. It’s one of the most family-friendly communities in Vaughan, as residents have access to numerous amenities, including parks, green spaces, restaurants, and transit systems. Like most Vaughan parts, Woodbridge is under revitalization to increase residential and commercial developments in the area. 

If you’re looking to invest in a new or preconstruction condo in a fast-growing suburban neighbourhood, then Woodbridge presents the best investment opportunity for you. Let’s take a look at Woodbridge and why you should consider investing in its real estate market.

Remember, it’s crucial to consult a real estate investment expert before investing.

Why Should You Invest in Woodbridge Real Estate?


The Market Lane Shopping Centre is the main shopping area in Woodbridge. The diverse shopping centre has stores, restaurants, cafes, stylish boutique shops, food shops, and departmental stores. The streets are also lined with stores and restaurants. Therefore, as a condo resident in Woodbridge, you’ll have access to a shopping centre and many stores across the community to do your shopping and receive certain services. If you want more shopping experience, downtown Vaughan is a short commute away.


Woodbridge has several attractions for the residents, including parks, green spaces, and historic sites. Some parks within this neighbourhood include the Boyd Park Conservation, Woodbridge Fairgrounds, and Rainbow Creek Park. These are a few of the spaces where individuals, including families, can relax and have fun after a long week. The Black Creek Pioneer Village has restored gardens and buildings from the 19th century, offering the residents a look into the neighbourhood’s origin.

Educational Institutions

Woodbridge is located in two district schools with several educational institutions, including elementary and secondary schools. Some of them include Sewell Elementary, Hudson Middle School, Cheri Cox Elementary, Burnett Junior High School, Wylie High School, and Harrison Intermediate School.  As a condo resident in Woodbridge, your children will have access to highly acclaimed schools.


Though Woodbridge is a suburban community, there’s a tone of entertainment and festivities to keep the community vibrant. If you love festivals, Woodbridge hosts music concerts, and Vaughan Metropolitan Centre is a few minutes away for more fun. If you love to golf, you’re in for a treat as there are several golf courses in this neighbourhood, including the Country Club and the National Golf Club of Canada.

Other Amenities

Woodbridge is a neighbourhood that strives to provide its residents with everyday necessities. Apart from its major shopping centre, the Market Lane Shopping Centre, there are many shops, offices, and stores that provide essential products and services. There are also many restaurants where one can enjoy cuisines from all over the world. However, most of them are Italian due to the large Italian population in Woodbridge.

Average Condo Price for Woodbridge in 2021

Woodbridge is a community undergoing significant real estate development, especially in the residential sector. Most residential neighbourhoods consist of multifamily homes and detached homes, but now low-rise and mid-rise condominiums are on the rise.

The average price for condos in Woodbridge is $480,000 on the west side and $525,000 on the east side. The actual price for specific condos varies per the developer, location, and suite size. If you’re looking to invest in Woodbridge, contact our investment experts, and explore the different preconstruction condos available.

About Woodbridge

Woodbridge is a community in the city of Vaughan, North of Toronto. Before the 70s, it was mainly an agricultural neighbourhood until urbanization started. Currently, the community thrives as a suburban area full of residential, industrial, and commercial developments.

Woodbridge has a population of more than 100,000. Ethnically, the population is diverse, with Italian Canadians making a large portion of the community. Over the past decade, the population has increased rapidly due to the booming economy and developments in the area. The increase in population has seen an upsurge in real estate, especially condo real estate.

Woodbridge is divided by the Humber River into the east and west side. Both sides of Woodbridge are experiencing exceptional condo developments by top developers, as they are family-friendly, vibrant, and peaceful.

Amenities, including an all-inclusive shopping centre, schools, golf courses, food markets, transit systems, parks and eateries, are available to cater to the residents’ needs. This makes it an excellent location for families and anyone looking to live a relaxed life away from the busy streets of big cities, such as Toronto. As an investor, the demand for a luxurious and spacious condo in growing suburban areas is quite high. Invest in a preconstruction condo in Woodbridge today, and enjoy the benefits of a fast-growing community.

Accessibility/ Getting Around Woodbridge

Woodbridge is located near major expressways that connect it to the rest of Vaughan, Toronto, and other parts of the GTA. Some expressways close to the neighbourhood include Hwy 7, Hwy 400, Hwy 427, Hwy 407, and Hwy 27. As a condo resident in Woodbridge, driving to different parts of Vaughan, York, Toronto, or across the GTA is convenient.

Public transport is a little limited, but it serves the residents of Woodbridge without inconvenience. YRT and Viva buses offer an easy commute locally and to other regions of Vaughan. They also connect the residents to the VMC subway station, which provides transit to Toronto and the rest of the GTA.

As Vaughan city continues to improve transit systems, new stations will be built closer to Woodbridge, providing more efficient and reliable access for the residents. The inclusion of subway stations will increase the value of condominiums in the area. Invest in Woodbridge preconstruction condos today, and get to benefit from the community’s growth.


Which part of Woodbridge should I invest in preconstruction condos?

Woodbridge is divided into east and west side by the Humber River. Both sides are experiencing exponential growth in real estate, primarily residential real estate. Investing in condos on either side of the Woodbridge community assures investors of a good return. However, you should carefully select the development to invest in based on the developer, set budget, floorplans, and your needs. Contact our investment experts, and they’ll help you pick the best condo to invest in based on your requirements.

How do I benefit from a preconstruction condo investment?

Investing in a preconstruction condo is one of the best ventures in real estate. This is because when you invest, you stand to benefit in more than one way. First, upon investment, you only pay the deposit. Mortgage payments are only made once the development is complete. During the waiting period, you benefit from capital appreciation as the property increases in value. Once built, you can rent the condo to earn a rental income, which you can use to pay your mortgage. With a good condo development, you can make enough rent for the mortgage and personal use. Once the property has appreciated enough, you can sell your condo at a high resale value. Make your investment today by contacting our real estate experts.

How long does it take to build a preconstruction condo in Woodbridge?

The time taken to build condominiums is dependent on the project’s size, the developer, and the approval process, among other factors. On average, however, a preconstruction condo takes 3-5 years to be built. It’s good to confirm the construction timeline with your developer.

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